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IT service
The CLEVER Soft Limited Company provides warranty and after warranty service for all IT brand names in our own service centre or as a supplier. If you are a regular customer of ours and one of our products becomes faulty or is being serviced, we will loan you a similar product until yours is returned.
We also provide:
Removing viruses and subsequent recovery
Regular check-ups
Cleaning of printers and other devices
Server faults diagnostics as well as computer networks such as Linux, Novell and Microsoft
You will find our trade and service centre in our shop in Kolín, 175 Sluneční Street.

Our experts are prepared to resolve any of your IT problems.

We are at your service.

Mo - Fr 08:00 - 16.00

tel: +420 321 751 082
IT sale
The CLEVER Soft Limited Company supplies TRILINE computers which are manufactured according to a production routine by AT Computers, which is one of the biggest PC producers in the Czech Republic, using components from prestigious world producers.  During the production process the Triline computers are put through various tests. These tests range from preproduction primary component control, inter-operable tests, a 24 hours test and a 100% vendor inspection. The production line, production processes and individual products are all authorised and accredited according to the electrical safety standards and therefore all Triline computers use ESČ licence mark and the ISO 9001 quality certificate.
New PCs are offered with a legal OEM software (operating system, office packages, antivirus programmes, etc) for a special price.
Licence cards and Czech instructions for the computer and monitor are part of the accompanying documentation for each computer.
Computers Triline are divided into 3 basic groups according to a sphere of designation:
1.      Triline PROFI - Office configuration
This line is suitable for companies of all sizes, government organisations, offices, schools and banks. It offers a complex model selection, from economic computers for routine work and office application to high capacity work stations for demanding users.  Triline computers can be used as a separate computing unit or they can be part of an existing company network with high controlling. We suggest a computer that is optimal for the user and also for the company. Using the newest technologies and a 3 year warranty, guarantees higher value and extends the service life of the whole company system.

Triline HOBBY - Efficient multimedia computers
Triline HOBBY multimedia computers are primarily suited for domestic use, computer game players and for leisure and education. Without difficulties, they also manage working in common office applications and economic programmes. They are designed so each family member can use them. DVD-ROM or CD-RW hardware are standard components for each model. High-quality audio with loudspeakers are also included. All Triline HOBBY computers are offered as standard with Microsoft Windows XP Home operating system.

Triline HIT - Attractively priced computers
Triline HIT computers are based on the HOBBY multimedia line, where the emphasis is placed on its versatile usage, especially for multimedia applications such as encyclopedias, education programmes and not least computer games for which an efficient graphic card is required and is included in each computer from this line. DVD-ROM hardware and TV cards are very popular and help to create a home cinema environment. You can obtain all of this currently at a bargain price or with a nice present in form of education programmes or a full-colour ink printer for FREE.

Consultant service in the IT field
Our specialists are ready to advise not only which suitable computer network to choose but also help to select the complex design of acquisition and optimalization of the IT infrastructure. We design a computer network, supply the optimal hardware, recommend software and train the operating staff.