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Computer network installation and structured wiring network

The CLEVER Soft Limited Company provides computer network installation for any computer architecture. Our experts are ready to install and administer networks under the following operating systems: Novell, UNIX and Windows. The quality of the wiring network is of big importance for its users because of the increasing demand for faster data transmission and for reliably run applications. For the above mentioned reasons, we recommend to all our customers the installation of a structured wiring network which enables not only the computer connection but also a land line connection. We have had more than 10 years experience with design and installation of optic cables. At present we are intensively occupied by monitoring and computer network diagnostics. We offer this service together with remote administration. Thanks to this tele monitoring tool we are able to react quickly without bothering the customer. Our company has got many interesting references in a computer network field, which we are prepared to share with you upon request.
We also provide:

- Gauging and diagnostics of optical and metallic wiring 
- Service of active elements 
- Setting and optimalisation of active elements
- Computer network diagnostics

Consultant service in the IT field
Our specialists are ready to advise not only which suitable computer network to choose but also help to select the complex design of acquisition and optimalization of the IT infrastructure. We design a computer network, supply the optimal hardware, recommend software and train the operating staff.