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PLC, řízení, kontrola dokumentace Grafika, Webhosting, Zpracování prezentací Prodej a servis výpočetní techniky
Profile and the history of our company

The Clever Company was established in April 1993, purely as a private Czech company. Initially, the aim was to focus on the IT trade (hardware and software) particularly in the area of integrated computer systems and computer networks. Our wide range of products include personal computers, notebooks, servers, PC components, monitors, computer peripherals and digital electronics, mobile communication and networking. We project high capacity tailored networks, suggest solutions, implement a structured wiring network, choose the right active elements, install operating systems, implement applications, train the operating staff and subsequently provide support. We have been cooperating with our prominent IT suppliers on a long-term basis.
We expanded our field of activity into the area of controlling the computerised system at the beginning of 1996. We specialise in technological control of production lines systems, handling of data management systems, documentation of digital data files and of data collection from the production lines and their filing. Our company registers a constant dynamic progress in this field. Special applications for production lines operating and monitoring are used by many companies from the Czech Republic and abroad. Our systems have been functional in many prominent car companies in the Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, France, Mexico and South Africa. System PLC (Product Line Control) is intended for technological equipment and production line monitoring based on technological entry data. The system is composed of a single software programme unit which works on the UNIX platform on the local computer network. All data is filed according to the standards ISO 9000.
The Internet orientated division was established in 1997. The Company’s intention is to focus on the comprehensive service in the Internet area, providing Internet access as well as presentation in the form of web pages and application production. We are the network operator of Kolín’s information server At  present  we are offering, in addition to graphics processing and presentation, uploading a range of our own programmes and applications, a tool enabling publication or trade on the Internet, program unit (Module) for a Test gear register, Safety sheet register, meeting register and accommodation. Under the symbol “iDum “our customer will find a full range of our services in the area of professional internet presentation. We provide all accompanying services, logging onto the Internet, your own domain registration, webhosting, setting up e-mail addresses, graphics processing of web pages including presentation registration on the most frequent Internet search engines. We are also able to provide technologies that enable an easy update of your presentation onto the Internet, goods or service ordering with their calculation. Our offer also includes application for inter departmental information systems as well as intranet server installation.
We are not limited to system development, but we also provide an excellent support and service. Our team consists of trained professional experts who are ready to solve the most difficult problems in the areas of analysis, proposals, development and application implementation with project conducting technical support and outsourcing. Our high quality service provided through the remote access is being used by customers from all around the world. Although we are expanding our service supply the key activity remains in development and integration of difficult applications and subsequently high quality service support. Every year our specialists and sales representatives attend various training exhibitions and fairs, both domestically and abroad. Not only do we offer reliable and efficient hardware and software, but we also provide technical support, training and cooperation. With a personal approach, we try and meet all our customer needs.